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Ouest France, November 2013 :
Harp and double bass for a very rhythmical show. Avrill doesn’t hide her pleasure to sing, and communicates her passion to the audience.

27th Eure, June 2013 :
A very non-typical artist, as we like them. Avrill edges literally and seduces all the generations with her harp.

Paris Normandy, May 2013 :
Meeting with a talented artist, passionate about jazz, about blues, about singing and nature.

Pays d’Auge, November 2012 :
An exceptional evening. Avrill appropriates the harp completely.

The West France, November 2012 :
An artist as atypical as talented. Her musical patchwork crossed the styles.

Paris Normandy, June 2012 :
The artist investigates worldmusic with success.