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A personal harp universe

Avrill’s surprising musical universe is dreamy and playful: her harp joyfully challenges musical conventions and wanders off the beaten path of traditional classical or Celtic harp, to explore World Music, Blues and La Chanson Française in original compositions.

Avrill is also a voice. Whether lyrical or jazzy, Avrill’s vibrant voice meanders effortlessly with her unique tone, flirting with highs and lows along a beautiful three octave-tessitura.

Harp and voice dare in unity! These two are meant for each other and delightfully transport you into their musical journey, interspersed with humor, energy and emotion.

An atypical journey

Avrill begins playing the harp as a child, taught by the performer Chantal Thomas d’Hoste. She graduates with an MS in agricultural engineering, works for two years in the United States and in Cameroun before dedicating ten years to working on environmental issues for a large corporation. At thirty, she discovers composing and song writing and decides to radically change career.

A beautiful adventure begins: now mother of two girls, Avrill resumes her musical training for four years, practicing classical harp and lyrical singing. She develops her repertoire exploring harp’s versatile potential, at times evoking the guitar, the bass, percussions… The harp accommodates all her desires: Avrill blossoms in this colorful musical patchwork flowing from Japanese ambiance to Blues and Bossa Nova.

She starts performing in December 2010 in her hometown in Normandy, and is quickly selected by regional festivals. In July 2013 she registers her first CD under the leadership of the composer Philippe Servain. The English double bassist James Treasure brings it its boost and its jazzy touch.

She finds her inspiration in nature, world cultures, daily life scenes and… love!